What the Rich are Born with and You Aren’t


Ground-breaking research reveals that people who don’t grow up wealthy…

Has a shrunken hippocampus, a walnut-sized region in your brain.

Because of the shrunken hippocampus effect…

Your brain blocks the activation of billionaire brain waves…

Making it virtually impossible for you to attract the home, the love, and the life you’ve always wanted and deserved. 

And worse, if left untreated, this shrunken hippocampus gets passed down to your kids and their kids after. 

See, my parents didn’t have an 8 or 9-figure net worth. Neither did yours. 

That means we both have this shrunken hippocampus, causing us to produce fewer Billionaire Brain waves.

So no matter how hard you try now, you’re stuck… 

Broadcasting what we called the slave wave to your wife, your daughter, your friends, and of course, the universe at large…

Until you get a bigger, thicker hippocampus. 

Thanks to the leaked CIA research…

Now it’s possible to grow your hippocampus 6X faster by listening to this sound frequency. 

You only need to listen to this for 7 minutes in the morning…

and money starts flowing in your life. 

If the page is still up, you can discover this breakthrough frequency that activates your billionaire brain wave

16 Comments on “What the Rich are Born with and You Aren’t”

  1. FunnyFran says:

    So all I have to do is listen to a sound and I’ll be rich? Sounds legit.

  2. HappyHarry says:

    I’m curious to see if anyone has actually tried this and had success.

  3. JokingJill says:

    Quick, I need to grow my hippocampus so I can attract a billionaire boyfriend!

  4. InquisitiveIan says:

    I wonder if there’s any actual evidence behind this claim.

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