[video] How to “optimize” your brain for manifesting

237 million people practice the Law of Attraction.


Only 0.1% actually manifest what they desire.


What do they know?

And what would you manifest if you had access to the same hidden knowledge they have?

Don’t tell me.

I’ll let you in on their secret right now:


Here’s what I mean:

99.9% of people don’t give their brain the right environment for manifesting.

Yes, they do the meditations and so on…

But they DON’T “tune” their brain’s settings to be able to receive what they’re trying to attract.

Whereas the 0.1% know it’s all about that one brain wave…

That opens you up to everything you want.

A 3000-day breakthrough NASA study confirmed it.

MIT-trained neuroscientist Dr James Rivers confirmed it, too, and came up with a daily ritual “optimizing” your brain’s settings to work at that wavelength…

So you can finally be a LOA success story…

Receive everything you desire…

And stop wondering why manifestation doesn’t work:

Top NASA Scientist: 7-Second Brain Trick Makes You Lucky

18 Comments on “[video] How to “optimize” your brain for manifesting”

  1. Goofy Gopher says:

    I don’t believe in brain tricks. This is all nonsense.

    1. Chatty Cat says:

      I do, its the brain that controls your actions -which dictates the results you get in life.

      Might try this actually.

  2. Excited Elephant says:

    I’m going to try this brain trick and manifest all the things I want!

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