Thomas Edison Secret Brain Help

Thomas Edison had 1000 FAILED inventions.

But nobody ever talks about that.

When people hear his name, they don’t think of failure, they think of one thing only.

Thomas Edison is a household name because of his 1,001st invention:

The light bulb.


Taking 1001 ideas and attempting to turn them into reality is no joke.

And he didn’t do it alone.

Thomas Edison was a “brain nerd” reading everything he could about the frequency at which our minds operate.

He discovered a certain type of brain wave…

That gets you into your most creative state.

So he created a complicated contraption device that helped him solve even his hardest problems.

This brain wave…

Is why he FINALLY got world-renowned success on his 1001st try.

Lucky for us, today there’s an easier way for getting into your most creative state (than using a complicated contraption).

It takes less than 10 minutes to work…

And once it does… 

You’ll never go back.

Check it out:

Thomas Edison wishes he had this “hack” to get into his most creative state

9 Comments on “Thomas Edison Secret Brain Help”

  1. Well, I think Thomas Edison was just lucky to finally invent the light bulb.

  2. This is so interesting, I want to learn more about brain waves now!

  3. LOL, so Edison was just a ‘brain nerd’ struggling with 1000 failed inventions, what a dork!

  4. I bet Edison just stole the idea from someone else, he wasn’t that smart.

  5. Imagine being so desperate that you have to use a ‘complicated contraption’ to be creative, ha!

  6. I wish I had this ‘hack’ to get creative, I should ask for it for my birthday!

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