7-min “flow state” routine

Every high-performer…

From Tom Brady to Taylor Swift…

Has a routine for getting into a “flow” state…

Or in the “zone.”

Otherwise the pressure would be unbearable.

And the bedrock of their routine…

The bedrock of EVERY leader, young and old…

Is creating a theta-wave environment for their brain from which they can operate.

When our brains can vibrate at theta wave frequency we get into our most genius-like state…

Giving us seemingly inhuman abilities.

The routine for getting into a flow state can be as complicated as you’d like it to be…

Or as simple as putting in your AirPods…

And relaxing for 7 minutes:

How to get in the zone like world-class performers effortlessly and get what you desire

11 Comments on “7-min “flow state” routine”

  1. HappyGamer says:

    Wow, I never knew this! I’m gonna try it and become a genius!

  2. I love Taylor Swift, so if she does this routine, I’m doing it too!

  3. Haha, sure, just put in your AirPods and become a genius. Right.

  4. SmartyPants says:

    I’m curious to learn more about theta-wave frequency and how it affects the brain.

  5. HappyDancer says:

    I’m all about finding my inner genius. Sign me up for this routine!

  6. SarcasticSam says:

    Oh great, all I need is to vibrate at theta wave frequency and I’ll be a genius. Easy peasy.

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